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First camp was set near Tasiusaq at the southern part of Qorlortup Itinnera.
It was a very long day starting early in Copenhagen with Air Greenland to Narsarsuaq. We got a lift on the boat "Juvel" to Quassiasuk (we walked to the harbor and got an arrangement with the skipper -he was heading for Narsaq with another group).
From Qassiarsuk we walked to Tasiusaq (6 kilometers) and followed the coastline about 2 kilometers in north west direction. Here we found a perfect camp site.


Just a few meters from the tent a small river ran into the ocean making the morning toilette comfortable.


But the water was very cold.


The major part of the food was prepared at home (the meat was dried in the micro wave oven and packed in daily portions with the accessories) we only added some water and boiled it.


The main occupation of the locals are sheep holding -the advantage for a tourist in the area is that sheeps keeps the mosquitoes out of the way. The sheeps also made good (but narrow) walking trails.


Here we prepare for a hike to Ipiuttat mountain.


The tide differences in the see-water is very big so a lot of small ice-berg is stranded here. - we forgot the martini and olive!


I did not throw that piece of ice on you.


Don't tilt now!.


Hole through.


This can't be more idyllic.


Perhaps a house with this view might suit us.


We tried -but there was no fishing luck here.


The sun went down and so did the temperature, we collected some firewood to stay warm.


Collecting more firewood -others have had the same idea so we had to walk away around 500 meters.


We walked back to Tasiusaq and took the "taxi" (we made an arrangement on the day we arrived to Greenland with the outfitter Jørgine Frederiksen) to the Qassiarsuk Youth Hostel. Here we booked a room and went for a walk in the area.
(When I was 1 until 6 years I lived here with my parents). We walked through the landscape where Erik the Red settled (he named the area Brattahlid) and looked at the ruins from the Norse era. The building with the surrounding structure is a reconstruction of Thjodhildur's Church.
We followed the trail in northern direction into the origin of the Tunulliarfik fjord.
On the way back to the Youth Hostel we visited my parents old friends Ole and Laura Frederiksen. They showed a hospitality difficult to repay, and we got greetings back to my father. We are only sorry that we did not take a picture to keep the moment.


On the road into Qinngua we refreshed the water bottles -The taste of the water is actually extraordinary good. Tasting the pipeline water back in Denmark after 14 days of melting water actually gave an ugly taste of the additives.


Soo good!


This is the house I lived in when I was a little kid. The house was destroyed by a melting water river one spring some years ago and not reconstructed.


A new house was build just behind the old house.
I still remember the original house quite bigger!!



Updated April 26 - 2003