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In the summer of 2002 we went on a hiking tour to Southern Greenland.

From Aug. 7th. to Aug. 21th. 2002 we walked around on the Narsaq and Igaliku Peninsulas.

The Tour was planned to be day walks and the nights spent in our tent. We had planned to bring a major part of the food with us from home, with additions from the local groceries and some fishing luck!. The local ferry lines would be used on a ad hoc basis to avoid unpleasant terrain.

Since hiking outside of inhabited areas in Greenland request a good physical condition, and some navigational skills a good time was invested in the preparation of the trip.

The preparation could be divided into four steps.

First the basic physical condition which was prepared by daily bicycling tours and long distance walking with the same boots as intended to be used on the hiking tour.

Getting information about the area. e.g. the geology, weather conditions, ferry lines, groceries and contact persons.

Acquiring the right equipment suited for the wilderness and light enough to carry through rough terrain.

Finding and preparing the food as light, nutritious and long lasting enough to supply energy for the hiking.


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