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These impressive waterfalls are situated near the massive called Nunasarmaq (Strygejernet - the iron) and flows into Sarfannguit Ilua. The weather was very windy and it was raining -so the top of the waterfalls was not visible.


I am in the middle of the picture looking for a good spot for the tent. But we placed the camp almost at sea level.
The plan was to have one more camp near Naajat in about 400 meters height before arriving to Sillisit. From Sillisit we hoped to get contact with a boat we know was sailing from Narsaq around 14:00. We had to be in Sillisit around 15:00 o'clock.


The rain had just ended and we have reached the upper end of Sarfannguit Ilua, a big delta forced us to do a lot of fording. I didn't mind walking into the rivers. A bummer! The GoreTex membrane in my boots had cracked so my feet got wet. The waterfall in the background was the one near our previous camp.


Ipiutaq is situated near the middle of the image, just in front of the little island. We could have waited here for the boat, but we continued in the nice sunshine. This was the first area where we used the mosquito nets. The annoying insects was some small flies that flew directly into our mouths, eyes and ears driving us almost insane.


A view back at the massive Nunasarmaq (Strygejernet - the iron). Up here in 200 meters above sea level the insects didn't show up anymore -what a relief.


After a long day we raised the tent in 400 meters above sea level. There were no recommended camp ground on the map and we had a hard time finding a leveled ground near drinking water. I finally got my wet boots off and my feets did not look nice, but luckily they were only a bit wrinkled.


On the next day before the decent to Sillisit we took the time to enjoy the view. The fjord in the middle of the picture is Qooqqut -the target for one of our day walks when we were in Igaliku. Actually the plateau at the right side of the picture under the clouds was the one where we took a picture in this direction.


In the background the glacier at Narsarsuaq can be seen, at the last day of our trip we went there -look at the pictures later on.


This picture is taken in the direction of Tasiusaq.
Later that day we managed to get to Sillisit in time and with help from the sheep holders we contacted the boat "Puttut" owned by Jacky Simoud over the VHF radio. Jacky agreed to transport us to Narsarsuaq. To my surprise a former colleague from the museum "Arken" Mogens, was on the boat -talk about a coincidence!.


On the last whole day we went on a short day hike to the Kuussuup Sermia Glacier, here we are in the Flower Valley.


The water is green/gray due to the sediments from the melting water.


Ropes is attached so that the ascent can be taken in a easy way.


The temperature dropped when we approached the glacier.


Here the sediments can be noticed clearly.


Thousands of years of dust appears then the glacier melts. The melted water flows away but the dust accumulates.


The water carries the sediments away.


With extreme care we tried to stand on the glacier. Melting water can undermine the glacier so that it breaks up when you stand on it.


This water is not a place for a swim.


Careful where you step.


Impressive is the word.

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