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All garbage are collected and all that could burn are put into the campfire. The campfire are secured by a ring of stones laid by previous users of the camp.


Afternoon coffee in the wilderness.


The fishing luck was good here we caught an actic char (lat: Salvelinus alpinus).


In the grocery store (KNI) we made an an reservation on the coastal ferry at the day we arrived to Igaliku. The boat took us to Qaqortoq. Note the distance from the pier to the boat -the tide differences is very big, this is 2 hours after the tide was high.


The famous fountain -the one and only in whole Greenland. Besides after 1 week in the wilderness the meeting with the cars and the traffic was not pleasant.


A cruise ship arrived with 2000-3000 passengers almost doubling the population of the city. We left the city before the rush hour -walking around the lake Tasersuak.


We started the trip counter clockwise, the first half of the trail is very easy it was almost a promenade.


Here we have walked around half the trip and took a break and ate our dinner. The last third was a little bit more challenging with more steep tracks -but easy to walk. Before Alanngorsuaq (Harefjeld) we turned right heading for the cave Uglespils Hule west of the bay Akunnut (Munkebugten). The recommended route was marked on the map and was situated in 25 - 50 meter above sealevel. But at 3 o'clock we were 1 - 2 kilometers from the cave and the sea fog rolled in, so we chosed to return to the city. We still had around 6 - 7 kilometers in rugged terrain before we were back in Qaqortoq. Back in town we went to an restaurant and enjoyed a delicious dinner.


The next day we had signed on for a trip to the hot springs at Uunartoq, but unfortunately the tour was cancelled. Back in Igaliku the previous day we talked with a local guy and got his telephone number, he said that he could charter a speedboat for us -we called him but he was already chartered this day. However he gave us a phone number to his friend Bent. Bent agreed to sail us to the cave. This way we got to see the cave although the fiasco reaching it the day before.


The cave was around 10 - 15 meters deep and this is (as you probably guessed) an inside out view.


Here I am in the very back of the cave. I sat there only a couple of seconds -note the rocks at the ground, they have the same color as the rocks in the ceiling! I didn't want to find out how often they fell down.


This is Bent and his speedboat. I measured the peak velocity to 63 kilometers pro hour with the GPS and I don't know if it was the maximum speed.


On the way back Bent showed us the fish buyer ship, the fishermen sold their catch here.


He took us very near the icebergs, there were no life jackets onboard and the temperature in the water was so low that hypothermia will occur within minutes.


Back in Qaqortoq at full speed.


After this trip we both was very exited and had a very big smile on our faces.


Around Qaqortoq artist had carved faces into the rocks.


The next day we went to Narsaq by boat and passed this arc of triumph.


Later that day we took a walking trip up to Kuannersuit (Kvanefjeld), on the way up we met my childhood friend Sofus who had a sheep hold here. We headed for the plateau but the weather was not with us. Within 10 minutes the clouds lowered and hiding the landscape in a thick fog, we returned.



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