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The fishing luck was better in Qassiarsuk after catching 9 or 10 father lashers (lat: Myxocephalus scorpius -danish: ulk ) we finally got a cod which was cooked and served the same afternoon.


We wanted to go to Igaliku but the harvest festival in that town started the same day -so the ferry was over booked with locals heading for the party. We got the telephone number from the locals to the head of the tourist office in Qaqortoq -Alibak and it showed that he was the operator of the boat "Juvel" and we got a lift to Igaliku with the boat.
The picture gives a look into the Qooqqut fjord with the glacier producing numerous icebergs.


Arriving to the harbor named Itilleq the relevant map of the area is fitted in to the cart holder.


Following the tractor track "King's road" around 3 kilometers the settlement Igaliku (called Gardar by the Norse) showed up. After arriving to Igaliku we continued 2 - 3 kilometers north east until we arrived at the camp ground at the bank of the river from lake 90.


We took a little hike to look at the Qooroq fjorden, we walked up to a plateau approx. 300 meters above see level. The plateau is old sea bottom and the rocks was rounded and had a polished look.


A look into Tunulliarfik fjord -quite funny we will have a view from the other side of the fjord in this direction a week later.


A look into the inlandice.


After a couple of days we moved our camp to the side of the river from the lake 380 south west of Igaliku. The area south of Igaliku was very steep.


Tired after a long day.


le Chef is in the big kitchen.


Idyllic view with marvelous colors.


Morning coffee with a view to Nunasarnaq mountain (the iron), we'll be over there next week walking between the clouds.


On the way up to lake 400 Tasersuasik we passed several waterfalls -this is the smallest one.


This is a little bit bigger.


This is the biggest and most impressive.


We could get very close.


This is the closest I go!, now it is your turn.


I got wet.


A lot of bilberries was collected on the way up.


There was still a lot of sheep here.


The view over lake 400.


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